Terms and conditions of use

1-General Sale Conditions


All business relations between Nuova Cuoio and the customer are exclusively regulated by following general sale conditions, unless they are explicity waived by specific agreed upon conditions in written form with Nuova Cuoio, alongside and indipendently by this present.


Present general conditions, such as potential specific conditions, are considered accepted by customer even though they are inconsistent with conditions, general or specific, of purchase for customer. These last will obligate Nuova Cuoio only if explicity agreed in written form. Anyone who operate in the name of the customer, wil represent it and obligate it towards Nuova Cuoio.



Disregarding different contractual disposition, offers and price lists of Nuova Cuoio, are those public; however they could be modified by Nuova Cuoio even without notice.


Applied prices shall be considered ex storage depot of Nuova Cuoio. Packaging costs, label costs, vat and taxes are not included; every shipping costs, additional services and possible additional charge to be paid by the client.

3-Intermediaries and sales agents


Intermediaries, sellers, agents and subagents are not allowed to obligate Nuova Cuoio. Their offers are subject to Nuova Cuoio approval. The company has a right to prevent the Implementation of an order as long as it will be confirmed.

4-Conclusion of contract, transport and collection of goods


Contract is concluded at the dispatch of an order (recived and accepted by Nuova Cuoio) given off by the client or  at the beginning of the production.


Shipping, disregarding different agreement, will be carry out by transporter selected by Nuova Cuoio and shipping costs will be charged to the client in the proforma invoice, unless otherwise agreed.


In the event that the transportes is appointed for whatever reason by the client, Nuova Cuoio will be not responsible for any loss or damage of products since the delivery of goods by Nuova Cuoio to the carrier.

5-Delivery terms and mode of order processing


Delivery time is 7/10 working day

6-Nuova Cuoio Garantee


All of our products are guaranteed. In case of manufacturing defect, complaint regarding items delivered by Nuova Cuoio to the client, must be forwarded  via fax/email To Nuova Cuoio within 8 solar days from the reception of good. The mail/fax, including the invoice/DDT references ,has to clearly explain the reason of the complaint and why the cause of complaint has to be ascribed To Nuova Cuoio. After this term the claim could not be grant.

7-Invoice Complaint


About complaints regarding invoices issued by Nuova Cuoio, they must be forwarded via fax/mail.In their absence, Invoice will be considered accepted with any


In no case a delay legitimizes a delayed payment or a nonpayment.



Deposit paid down by client must be considered as an advance, not a security deposit.. Nevertheless, in case of no-fulfilment of the contract on the part of the clients, Nuova Cuoio could exercise the authority to keep the sums paid down, unless a greater damage.

9-Retention of title


In case of partial or total nonpayment, at the expiring date, Nuova Cuoio could collect goods still stored at client headquarters and/or unsold merchandise. The customer undertakes to accept with any oppositions. The customer is obliged to inform Nuova Cuoio, under penalty of compensation for all damage, of every foreclosure or attachment of goods, by third parties, bought at Nuova Cuoio and not completely paid.

10-Payment conditions


All invoices shell be payeble at Nuova Cuoio headquarters. The amount shell be considered net and with any additional discount. Payment method are those declared in the invoice (or in the accompanying document, offer ord order) sent to the customer.

11- Nonpayment


Every order o delivery shall be considered autonomous and indipendent by any other order or delivery. Any dispute between the customer and Nuova Cuoio could not , in any case, result

In a suspension of payement of other invoices or of the non disputable part of the invoice.


Unless expressly written agreement  providing otherwise, credit interest shall be charged, in case of partial or total non payment at the established expiring date. Interest shall be referred to the rate in the Legislative Decree 231/2002, in addition to bank charges, unless a greater damage.

12-Applicable Law


The contract between Nuova Cuoio and the client is explicitly provided for these general sale conditions and is governed by Italian law.